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OriginJulius Maggi (Entrepreneur)
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Michael Johannes Julius Maggi was born on October, 9th, 1846 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. At the age of 23 he takes over the mill from his father and turns it into a worldwide concern.

In 1900 Michael Maggi succeeds in creating a mixture of ingredients based on flour and seasonings (the ancestor of the Swiss soup cube) that made delicious meals in less time. Maggi also invents the world-famous MAGGI® Seasoning and MAGGI® Stock Cube, which become famous for their versatility and flavour enhancement of many dishes. The name “MAGGI” has since expanded over a hundredfold in its popularity and range.

Today MAGGI® is a very popular culinary brand with products being developed and enjoyed around the world, including many Asian countries, such as People’s Republic of China, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Thailand. MAGGI® provides a wide range of products to help the modern cook make a delicious, nourishing Asian-style meal in the most convenient way.